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About us
About us

  • TİKAD works for strengthening business women's statutes in the business world with its supra political party position, its following democracy and human rights universal principles and its respecting freedoms of faith and thought.
  • TİKAD contributes to Turkey's both economic and political development in the European Union Harmonization process. It communicates the views and suggestions generated in this framework directly to the parliament, government, foreign nations, international organisations, and through press, to the public.
  • TİKAD carries out the activities necessary for strengthening business women's role in the developing Turkish economy and takes the initiative in business women's leading the development.
  • TİKAD is the equivalent of coalitions formed by collaboration of professional women in developed countries. Its aim is to integrate powers of professional women and contribute to the country's economy and government.
  • TİKAD informs its members of innovations in the world and generates new business ideas. It provides all types of information support to professionals who wish to invest or take their existing businesses to further levels. In this direction, it uses the technology as a means.
  • TİKAD carries out lobbying activities in the name of Turkey within the country and abroad in line with the predetermined strategies.
  • TİKAD is formed by the power of public opinion and quality of its activities. Content and format of these activities are determined by annual PR and communication strategies. In this direction, it acts beyond an association, as a professional company. It aims that “TİKAD” name becomes a widely esteemed, powerful brand.
  • TİKAD provides its services with the seriousness of a public service. Under no circumstances it is close to a political view, it only recognizes country's benefits in everything it does.
  • In summary, TİKAD stands in the centre of economic, political and social lives. These three elements constitute main titles of its activity areas.


TIKAD General Assembly meeting was held in Istanbul. Association's organs were elected at the 2020 Generel Assembly. Ms. Nilüfer Bulut re-elected as Chairwoman of TİKAD

"Ring the Bell for Gender Equality at Borsa Istanbul " ceremony hosted by Borsa Istanbul Group and TIKAD, with the presence of First Lady Emine Erdoğan.

After Turkish soldiers have been killed in an airstrike in Syria´s Idlib province, 30 ngo leaders read joint statement at press conference in Ankara. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received the ngo Leaders after the press conference.

Gala Breakfast of the Entrepreneur Women Center (GIKAMER) project will be held at Tarabya Hotel in Istanbul, with the presence of First Lady Emine Erdoğan.

20th General Assembly of Istanbul Development Agency was held on 28th January at ISO. TIKAD is one of the members of ISTKA and Ms Nilüfer Bulut attended the Assembly as Representative of TIKAD

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