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Year 2006 Activities

13 December 2006
Spouse of Cyprus President, Mrs Oya Talat was welcomed in Istanbul to exchange views on Cyprus matters.
12 November 2006
A dinner auction was held in Ritz Carlton Hotel to assist in the growth of Amity Houses and to create awareness in the public. Ajda Pekkan was on stage for the event and Can Has directed the auction.
01 November 2006
Mardin and Kutahya visits were held with designers within the scope of Great Turkey Painting.
17 October 2006
Iftar dinner was organised in Parksa Hilton Hotel together with TİKAD members.
22 September 2006
TİKAD Board of Directors Members attended NEWW Committee Meeting which was held in Portugal/Estoril according to NEWW's activity calendar.
15 September 2006
Season's Opening meeting was held in TİKAD Board of Directors General Secretariat Prof. Dr. Zehra Neşe Kavak's house with participation of all members.
24 May 2006
In the meeting held with European Parliament Member Mia de Vits through the Women's Statute General Directorate, TİKAD was congratulated on its contribution to development of Turkish Women; it was declared that this would be reflected in their report and consequently a positive report was prepared.
21 May 2006
Network of Entrepreneurial Women Worldwide was established by 11 countries (Turkey, United States of America, United Kingdom, Portugal, Australia, Netherlands, Algeria, Argentina, South Africa, France, Mauritania) including Turkey as one of the founding members.
27 April 2006
"World Business Women Summit" was held in Çırağan Palace. A total of 500 national and international participants and speakers attended the event along with spouses of leaders of 6 countries including Syrian First Lady Asma Al-Asad. As an outcome of the summit, the declaration that peace and sovereignty in the world would be ensured by women was issued.
06 March 2006
TİKAD visited Ankara on the occasion of "World Women's Day". A meeting was held with Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan for approximately an hour. Moreover, a meeting was held with Minister of State Nimet Çubukçu. TİKAD laid wreath at Anıtkabir and
27 February 2006
TİKAD met European Union Term President Mr. Hansjorg Kretschmer in Ankara. The importance and support given to the negotiations as a non-governmental organisation were expressed in the meeting.
27 February 2006
Austrian Embassy was visited. Turkey's EU membership was discussed in the bilateral meeting held with Ambassador Mariu Calligaris.
08 February 2006
A meeting was held with TÜSİAD Chairwoman Ms Arzuhan Yalçındağ to introduce TİKAD, to meet with her and to create a platform for cooperation.
28 January 2006
TİKAD participated as a speaker in the conference themed "International Women's Congress - Women in Alliance of Civilizations" hosted by Minister of State Nimet Çubukçu. TİKAD Board of Directors Chairwoman Nilüfer Bulut gave a speech titled "the Place of Equality of Women and Men in the Economy in terms of Development Dynamics" in the conference.

TIKAD General Assembly meeting was held in Istanbul. Association's organs were elected at the 2020 Generel Assembly. Ms. Nilüfer Bulut re-elected as Chairwoman of TİKAD

"Ring the Bell for Gender Equality at Borsa Istanbul " ceremony hosted by Borsa Istanbul Group and TIKAD, with the presence of First Lady Emine Erdoğan.

After Turkish soldiers have been killed in an airstrike in Syria´s Idlib province, 30 ngo leaders read joint statement at press conference in Ankara. President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan received the ngo Leaders after the press conference.

Gala Breakfast of the Entrepreneur Women Center (GIKAMER) project will be held at Tarabya Hotel in Istanbul, with the presence of First Lady Emine Erdoğan.

20th General Assembly of Istanbul Development Agency was held on 28th January at ISO. TIKAD is one of the members of ISTKA and Ms Nilüfer Bulut attended the Assembly as Representative of TIKAD

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